Two-way Investment Results

Latino Connection is Pennsylvania’s premier marketing and communications agency that launches brands into the country’s most powerful multicultural market. Passion and experience drive our dual mission—to educate and support the Latino community while expanding the reach of the organizations we serve.

We know that an insightful, relevant approach must be strategic. Our non-traditional method offers flexibility, a firm network of resources, and high-quality translation and interpretation services—to ensure your message is ethical, accurate, and appropriate.

Sustainable Connections

Relationships are the backbone of any successful strategy that seeks to bring people together. Latino Connection has built a reputation as an organization that understands the delicate approach required to establish meaningful and sustainable connections with the Hispanic community. At the forefront of our strategy is our desire to enhance the health, education, and welfare of America’s Latinos. Team members are handpicked for projects based on our client’s unique needs. Our team works together with you to understand your needs, your goals, and your existing resources. Then, we develop a strategy to achieve them to maximize your ROI.

With founder and President George Fernandez at the helm, Latino Connection has served millions of Latinos and helped scores of organizations maximize their reach and protect their core operations. Clients range from billion dollar, private sector businesses such as Integrity Staffing Solutions and UPS, to non-profit entities and government agencies such as Capital Area Head Start and The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Latino Connection is certified by the Eastern Minority Supplier Diversity Council and is recognized as a Hispanic Business Enterprise by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and as a Minority Certified Business by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.


In Latino Connection, Our mission is to lead the TISP market, in the sense of communication, business strategy, projects (Planning, Documentation, Management and Development), and business-to-business links with the Latin market, market positioning and marketing. Using a series of resources focused on connecting the community, businesses and public and private organizations in the sense of education, health, technology, distribution, marketing and any other environment that involves the link of any entity with the Hispanic / Latino audience.


Latino Connection intends to strive to supply the mechanisms to create a collaborative community in all industries and environments that involve an individual that marks their community and beyond, resulting in a wonderful environment to live, learn, work and play.

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