To Solve Healthcare Inequality We Need to Get Moving

Thursday, 15 October 2020 14:24

By George Fernandez, Founder & CEO of Latino Connection

There’s the saying that "If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk." Unfortunately as it relates to healthcare equality, especially in light of COVID-19, there has been far too much talk and far too little walk. The suffering of our most vulnerable and underserved communities has risen to a whole new level. For those who already had an uphill battle against food disparity, poor nutrition, high risk for chronic illness, lack of education, and lack of adequate healthcare, they are now facing COVID-19 with very limited resources to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Election Day from the Latino Community’s Point of View

Wednesday, 21 October 2020 14:45

By George Fernandez, Founder & CEO of Latino Connection

For the majority of Pennsylvanians, you have been bombarded with political messages for months and hounded by social media to register to vote every time you scroll through your newsfeed. You’ve been marketed to by businesses offering incentives if you show you are a registered voter and you’ve been witness to heated political debates no matter what screen or device you’re looking at. All of this would make it seem like Election Day, and the candidates who are up for election, are common knowledge to everyone at this point.

COVID-19 Vaccine Poses Major Challenges to Minority Communities

Friday, 08 January 2021 13:30

By George Fernandez, Founder & CEO of Latino Connection

The incredible scientific feat of developing a vaccine for a global pandemic in less than 12 months should be commended. But the work is far from done, and in fact, the largest challenge remains before us.

According to a November Axios/Ipsos poll, just 14 percent of Black adults said they completely or mostly trust that a coronavirus vaccine will be safe and only 18 percent trusted that it will be effective and for Latino adults, those numbers were 34 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

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